We WERE Reorganizing and Remodeling!
The plan WAS to be back by January
with an improved appearance, and more importantly, a more efficient and on-time operation.


Due to many factors, we have decided that the time to retire the Conferences and the Journals has come. My heart said no, but my mind said it was time. (Actually, after dieing three times in the past few years, I guess my heart said it was time as well.) I had not been able to keep everything running on schedule and that is not fair to people that are working on their career goals.

All of the Spring Issues of the Journals are online--I am not currently planning any print editions. I will complete the Spring issues before we close up shop. In some cases I may fold some spring 2019 articles into the Fall 2018 issues--unless this causes a problem for the authors.

All papers in process will be completed before we close our doors. Back copies of Journals and Proceedings will be available for purchase as long as supplise last.